Wilson Voight

¡Hola a todos!

My name is Wilson Voight in Second Life. Intituto Español Second Life is my creation. The idea of a virtual Spanish school first occurred to me when I traveled to México a decade ago to learn the language. I had been in real life an employer to many Mexican workers. When I sold my business I took the next plane to México. Even though I had worked for 15 years with Spanish speaking employees, I had never learned proper Spanish.

The short story is that I fell in love with a culture and with its people, so much so that I never went home.

I live in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México. The city is home to the largest industry of Spanish schools for language tourists in the Western hemisphere. Only Salamanca Spain teaches more Spanish to more foreigners than do the dozens of schools that exist in Cuernavaca.

Instituto Español Second Life exists for two reasons. First is to provide year round employment to the incredibly talented teachers who normally only get work during the tourist season. Secondly is to convince you that traveling to a Spanish speaking country is the best way to learn the language. It´s a pretty simple concept really, while you are saving up your money for a language vacation, you can get a head start on your language learning goals from the comfort of your home computer.

Every effort is made at Instituto Español Second Life to recreate the immersion experience that you will enjoy when you finally get to México. And nowhere on the Internet will you find more reasonably priced live instruction. If you are serious about your Spanish, you will not find a more serious Spanish instruction program. This is no joke. At Instituto Español Second Life you can study in person with a trained professional teacher for as little as $5.00 USD per hour.

I handpicked these teachers. They are the best of the best. Come see us in Second Life. See for yourself why Instituto Español should be your Spanish school.

¡Hasta pronto!